UP Police Zones, Ranges Distribution and Detailed Information

Uttar Pradesh Police is main law and order establishment government agencies. It has long history, UP Police Department is established in the 1863 and its name was Office of the Inspector General of Police, Uttar Pradesh under the British police act 1861. So UP Police is established by the British ruler and it continued till the 1947. After the independence of India, It comes under the Indian constitution as a UP Police Department 2016. It’s headquarter is established in the Allahabad city. So basically UP Police controlling the crime in state and providing safety as well as security all citizen of India.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the biggest as well as largest populated states in India due to that reasons lot of crime happening in various places. State government also structured the UP Polices in such a way that they will control the crime and minimized the wrong element so that general people lives safely. UP Police Department cover all district as well as remote places of Uttar Pradesh so they had divided the department in various Zones, Ranges and District. These Zones, Ranges and District has headed by the different ranked police personal which is either appointed by the state government or promoted by the UP Police Department.
About UP Police Zones, Ranges and District
District: – Government has divided UP Police Department in 75 police district across the state and these states are headed by the Senior Superintendent of Police who is a Indian Police Service qualified aspirants. One police district controls one full district but in some cases two to three police district controls on big district, It all depends on the government establishment how they want to manage the state law and enforcement. District is further divided in small police station for better control over the district. These police stations are controlled by the Sub-inspector which reports directly to the District Police Station.
Ranges: – UP Police department has been divided in 18 different ranges. Four to five districts works under the one range. So all district police head is reports to range head and these ranges are headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police ranks officer. These officers are either promoted from the Senior Superintendent of Police or state government has appointed. But officers must have to qualify the IPS examination which is conducted by the UPSC. So UP Police Range controls three to four districts, it depends on the population.
Zones: – State government wants to better control on crime and that’s why they has divide police department in eight different zones. Each Police zones are controls six to seven police district or two to three police ranges. The zones are headed by the Inspector General of Police which is second highest ranking officer in the police department. All these IGP are reports to the police headquarter or to the Director General of Police.
So the state police is divided in this way so that government should provide the better service to the all citizen of the state. If you looking for more details regarding the District, Ranges and Zones then visit the official website or some other web portal.

Updated: September 15, 2016 — 5:43 am

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